While traditional offices worked for businesses before, they haven’t evolved with changing times. Let’s face it, traditional office setups lack flexibility, scalability and affordability. It might not sound like much but all those aspects are costing your business without your realization. That’s where Managed Workspaces shine. It provides you with a professional workspace that perfectly fits your business needs. You can decide what you pay for and stop spending on things you don’t need.

In this blog, let’s get an insight into all the things a managed workspace can do to make your business profitable.

Saves You Money

Compared to a traditional office space, managed workspaces are cost-effective. One of the major reasons why businesses have started preferring this new way of working is its affordability factor. A traditional office requires massive investments and maintenance costs. Managed workspaces on the other hand reduce your operational expenses.

Provides Flexibility

Imagine how difficult it is to expect flexibility from old office spaces. One of the top benefits of a managed workspace like ours is flexibility. Our flexible workspaces provide businesses with satisfactory solutions for their workplace requirements. Make way for a rise in productivity, comfort and efficiency as our workspaces provide a great setup for stimulating innovation. Not to mention the flexibility we offer in terms of working hours. Your employees will love your new working style. With our flexible renting options, you can either opt for pay-per-use plans or fixed desks for both teams and individuals, as per the requirements of your business.

Customizable Spaces

At Vertex, we understand that the needs of one business differs from others. Hence, our managed workspace services are not restricted to catering to the needs of only one specific industry but are home to a vibrant mix of companies. Even if you are a freelancer, you can rent a seat based on the number of days, weeks, or months you want to use your space! It’s you who gets to choose the space that suits your company and its requirements. Whether you want to have a dedicated space for yourself and your teams in rotating shifts, or multiple spaces in the same building — our spaces can fit as few or as many people as deemed necessary by you. Our managed workspaces can be tailored to suit the needs of your business and its ethos.

Location Benefits

Doing business at a prime location like ours helps you get noticed by potential clients and employees who in return ensure the growth of your organization. Our managed workspace in MG Road, Mangalore is easily accessible and connected to public transport routes. By renting a cost-effective and customizable space at a prime location like ours helps you gain a competitive edge over others in this uncertain business world.

With a managed workspace model, your business will reap benefits ranging from improved agility to increased visibility which will turn profitable for you. This is not something a traditional office space will deliver on. Don’t you agree?

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