Full Benefits, Zero Commitments!

Find out more about the perfect virtual office solution for you!

No office? No problem!
Vertex One in Mangalore has a virtual office meant just for you! When the world keeps going in and out of lockdown a virtual office is the finest choice made by entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and SME’s!

So what is a virtual office?

A virtual office is an on-demand office that you can occupy whenever you need. Having a virtual office for your company means that you will have everything important that a physical office has- like an official phone number with a receptionist, a registered professional address and a conference room that you can use for client meetings or internal team meetings!

Why Vertex One’s Virtual Space?

With Vertex One’s Virtual Office you get a fully operational on-demand office with all the office support — which means you won’t have to worry about hiring administrative staff or maintaining a full-fledged office throughout the year. Keep reading to know what we have to offer.


Key Features of a Virtual Office

Premium & Permanent Business Address

For all your postal mail, documentation and other legal requirements, we provide you with a registered permanent office address. This will serve as your address proof for your NOC’s, bills and more.

On-demand Access

Get access to our meeting/conference rooms, coworking space, office assistance, security & reception services when you need it. If you are a sales executive or consultant and need an office space urgently in Mangalore, call us!

Flexible and Affordable Plans

If you are looking to reduce expenses and overhead costs, a virtual office is more cost-effective than a physical office. With our pay-per-use and fixed desks’ plans offered at low rates you can run operations smoothly!

No long term commitment

In a traditional office you would have to commit long term and have to endure a lock-in period. But with a virtual office you get to choose the services as and when you need them. No strings attached.

Back Office Support

When your workforce is working from home, you will need a team handling operations. We offer the required back office support needed for small teams along with a professional reception and other needed tech & admin support.

Work From Home Goals

When your amazing WFH workforce needs to meet up, we offer you the perfect place for meetings, pay-per-use desks for the day and other benefits. Virtual Offices truly cover all aspects of a modern day workforce.

Virtual Offices are Perfect for

Businesses that need professional back-office support

‘On-the-move’ professionals or entrepreneurs

Freelancers that need a professional setup to work

Remote or Work From Home teams that need to meet

Companies that need a permanent office address


What’s in it for You?

Worry-Free Business Growth

As a small business

Vertex One’s Virtual Office takes care of your admin work (Front Desk, Errand Services etc.), security as well as secretarial support. This means you neither have to manage a team for these, nor pay any salaries or worry about the office maintenance and other overheads.

A Place to Call ‘Office’

As a Freelancer/Remote Worker

Freelancing requires credibility. When you have an official business address, a system to protect your privacy, marketing materials with an office address on it and pay-per-use meeting rooms for pitch meetings with potential clients, partners or investors, the world will know that you mean business.

Expansion Opportunities

As a Market Leader

Mangalore is a hub for growing business opportunities! If you are planning to set up an established base in India quickly and easily, we’ll help! Gain access to the resources in the city and get started without the worry of hiring new employees or finding the right office space! Ask us how.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, employees can work from anywhere but still have a mailing address, phone answering services, and meeting rooms when they need them.

If you opt for our phone-answering service, our professional receptionists can answer your calls on your behalf or transfer calls and messages to you.

You will need to list a business address to run any offline business. It helps people reach you and helps you establish more credibility. Also, if you’re a startup owner and don't require a physical office space to operate your business, a mailing address or virtual mailbox can be very convenient for you.

Our Other Offices Spaces


Private Office

The privilege to customize your office as per your team size and requirements.

Coworking Space

A shared workspace with modern amenities and the chance to network.

Meeting/Event Room

Well-equipped & organised rooms perfect for meetings, conferences, or big events.