‘Growth is never by mere chance;
It is the result of forces working together’.

James Cash Penney

Find out more about the perfect private offices for you!

Dear reader, let’s work together!
We understand what it is like to have a small but dedicated team and no dedicated space to work together. That is why we at Vertex One made the concept of a ‘Private Office’. For you!

What is a Private Office?

A private office is a fully-equipped space that is located separately from the coworking areas, providing your team the privacy for confidential work and a quiet work environment.

Why rent Vertex One’s Private Office?

When you have a team that needs to work together, you need the space; an affordable space. If you plan on keeping your overheads low and focus on the business-side of things, then we are your best choice in Mangalore. Our Private Office is fully functional for a team of any size- (we customize based on your request)- with modern amenities, office support, reception services and more. This means you have control over your space, privacy for confidential work and the feeling of your ‘own office’ but minus the maintenance cost & effort!


What We Offer

Fully Equipped Office

We’re ready when you are! You can move into your ready-to-move-in private office equipped with personal desks, ergonomic chairs, private filing cabinets and more amenities with your team. All you need to do is book your space.

On-Demand Access

In a coworking space meeting rooms are booked on a first come first serve basis. But with a Private Office you get access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms whenever you need. This means you can schedule a meeting anytime!

Pay-Per-Use Services

Whether you’re a new company, small enterprise, or a startup — you get a well-equipped, private office and only pay for the services you use. You can customize your payments depending on your requirements.

Flexible plans

You can choose from our monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription plans. We even have per-day plans if you need it. The plans we offer for those wanting a private office are flexible and perfect for growing and expanding teams.

Tech & Admin Support

We have experienced onsite staff to support you in running your office smoothly. From a dedicated person to handle client inquiries and appointment bookings to tech support incase of an emergency, we have it all.

Customization Options

We want you to feel at home! Your private office can be customized and personalized to suit the unique requirements and needs of your business, while keeping the setup professional. Ask us more about it.

Who Is it Best For?

Companies with team size of 1-20 or 150-200

Businesses wanting a dedicated office space

Businesses that need a permanent office address

Businesses that need professional back-office support

Teams that want to avoid hefty operating expenses

Companies that want ready-to-use offices


What’s in it for You?

Low Overhead Costs

With a private office, you have access to all basic and state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and services. So, there is no need to purchase them or continuously have them serviced. You also won’t need to hire back-office support staff. With these decreased overhead costs, you can enjoy the freedom to expand your business, or offer other employee perks.

Professional Business Setup

First impressions matter in this cut-throat industry! Having a physical mailing address, and dedicated phone lines to answer client calls are only the start! Vertex One helps you make that everlasting impression on your potential clients that you mean business. Everything you need to have a professional business setup is provided by us. All you need to do is get your team together, set up goals and contact us to get you started on this journey!

Rent Without Lease

A private office allows you to rent out a dedicated office whenever you need it — without signing up for a lease. This means that if you need a private office space for your team of 10 just for a day, you can book it with us at Vertex One. The same holds for monthly and quarterly renting requirements. If you’re looking to expand your team, then not having to break a lease and spend extra is a boon!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Vertex One is home to a dynamic mix of businesses from several industries. We have lounges, breakout areas, and many other common areas to connect, collaborate and network with people from other businesses. If you think you don’t want your own private office space, you can take dedicated desks in our coworking space and work alongside other businesses in the same room.

Besides all of the benefits mentioned above, having a separate private office also gives you a more professional appearance in the eyes of your customers or clients, and gives your business some extra credibility. Businesses that don't have customers visiting them regularly can also benefit from a separate office.

With a private office space at Vertex One, you won’t have to worry about office maintenance. You can get a fully functional and well-equipped private office that can be customized as per your needs — with amenities, office support, facilities and services managed for you end-to-end.

Our Other Offices Spaces


Coworking Space

A shared workspace with modern amenities and the chance to network.

Virtual Office

A business address and all office support without the overhead of maintenance.

Meeting/Event Room

Well-equipped & organised rooms perfect for meetings, conferences, or big events.