Taking measures to run a business is hard enough, finding the right workspace for your team doesn’t have to be. You need flexible workspace solutions that allow you to focus on driving your business forward. Make a home for your business with Vertex One managed workspace in Mangalore. Our managed office spaces have everything a highly functional office should have!

Highlights of Our Flexible Workspace Solutions

Not Industry-specific

We understand that the needs of one business differ from others. Hence, we are not restricted to catering to the needs of only one specific industry and are home to a vibrant mix of companies. Even if you are a freelancer, you can rent a seat based on the number of days, weeks, or months you want to use your space at Vertex One!

Rewarding Facilities

Most co-working spaces in Mangalore fail to provide and manage end-to-end facilities that you require to run your business. But not at Vertex One! Your business can enjoy Seamless Wifi, Telephones, Cafeteria, Housekeeping, IT Infrastructure, Spacious Parking, Security and CCTV, Air-conditioned Spaces, Cabins, and a lot more. Our office spaces are frequently disinfected and equipped with complimentary sanitization products. Know more about the facilities we offer here.

Highly-trained Support Team

At Vertex One, we provide top-notch amenities for businesses and also maintain those facilities in top-notch condition. Our fully serviced managed working spaces have all the minute and major details taken care of by highly trained and experienced on-site teams — to make sure everything in our space and your business runs smoothly. You only have to get to work, achieve success, go home and repeat, while our staff takes care of everything else!

Flexible Renting Options

You can either opt for pay-per-use plans or fixed desks for both teams and individuals, as per the requirements of your business. In addition to this, we also provide a 1-day pass which allows you to avail our services even for a day.

You Get To Be The Chooser!

It’s you who gets to choose the space that suits your company and its requirements. Whether you want to have a dedicated space for yourself and your teams in rotating shifts, or multiple spaces in the same building — our spaces can fit as few or as many people as deemed necessary by you.

Make the most of the abundant prospects Mangalore has to offer, with the office space that’s right for your business! Whether you’re looking for a fully serviced office or simply need a desk for a day, you’ll have access to everything you will need at Vertex One. So end your search for customized office spaces, with Vertex  One — a managed workspace in Mangalore that provides end-to-end facilities and amenities to businesses.

Call us at +91 953 831 2393 or write to us at info@vertexworkspace.com.